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The Second Annual Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF2)

New, avant-garde and experimental music - May 6 through 10, 1998 The Russian-American Cultural Forum are pleased to announce The Second Annual Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF2), celebrating the life and work of the innovative Russian pianist/composer/actor Sergey Kuryokhin (1954 - 1996).

In January, 1997, cellist and composer Boris Rayskin organized the 11-day Sergey Kuryokhin International Interdisciplinary Festival (SKIIFestival) in New York City dedicated to the memory of Sergey Kuryokhin. Tragically, Boris's life ended soon after the festival. SKIF2 is dedicated in his memory.

SKIF2 will once again bring together many artists with whom Kuryokhin collaborated, as well those close to his creative spirit, to perform in this eclectic musical celebration. The festival will showcase the most cutting edge avant-garde, jazz, and experimental rock musicians from Russia, the United States and Europe including: "Silver Apples", "Tequila Jazz", "Kolibri", Rashied Ali, Marilyn Crispell, "Tri-O", Vladimir Tarasov, Sakari Luoma, Yudanov and Katz, David Soldier, "White Out", Borah Bergman, Cyro Baptista, "Vershki da Koreshki", "The Slackers", Volkov-Trio, Spectre and Sensational, Ned Rothenberg, Anatole Gerasimov, Aleksey Khvostenko, William Hooker, DJ-Olive + WE, Peter Brotzman and special guest artist Chico Freeman and many more. Daniel Rayskin, Boris's Brother will perform a special piece dedicated to his late brother.

"SKIF2", will be held at the best venues of New York City: THE COOLER, CAMI HALL, MERKIN HALL, and the ELBOW ROOM. The festival will be an opportunity for further collaboration between Russian, European and American performers who will share their music with New York audiences.

SKIF2 is produced by Bliss Records in Association with The Russian-American Cultural Forum. Artistic Direction for the festival is provided by Seva Gakkel, chairman of the Board of The Sergey Kuryokhin Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Anatole Gerasimov.

For more information call the SKIF HOTLINE at (212) 330-0688 or check out the web site at http://www.skifnyc.com/

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David Gross
Bliss Records

Bliss Records: 36 Plaza Street East Brooklyn, NY 11238
(212) 330-0688 www.skifnyc.com
For Immediate Release: Contact: Katie Down (212) 330-0688

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