Reklama na Kulichkah

MITKI Exhibition for Father Martin

  • Vasily Golubev, Vladimir Shinkarev, Dmitry Shagin,
    Father Martin, Alexander Florenskii and Shagin Sr.
  • Dmitry Shagin, Vladimir Shinkarev and Bob Griffin
  • Father Martin
  • Andrei Romanov (Dyusha) and Bob Griffin
  • Father Martin, Kolya Korzinin, Shagin Sr.
  • Shagin Sr. and Bob Griffin
  • Dr. Eugene Zubkov
  • Father Martin and Vladimir Rekshan
  • Vasily Golubev, Dmitry Shagin, Father Martin and Vladimir Shinkarev
  • Dyusha and Father Martin
  • Dyusha, Korzinin and Rekshan
  • MITKI OTTYAZHKI (hangouts)

  • Vladimir Rekshan, Yuri Shevchuk, Dr. Zubkov, Dmitry Shagin, Duysha with his daughter
  • Andrei Zauter, Vladimir Rekshan, Bob Griffin, Yuri Shevchuk and Dmitry Shagin
  • After Rekshan's concert which never happened, Rekshan was pissed off at organizers and split before the whole thing began, angry group of fans was driven there in vain. The place is in front of former Petrogradskii party committee on Skorokhodova street. The crowd: Julia (sestrenka), Olga (Bob Griffin's fiancee), Sergei Brok, Marianna, Dmitry Shagin, Dr. Eugene Zubkov, Vladimir Shinkarev.
  • Dr.Zubkov and Bob Griffin at the rehearsal of Bakhyt compot band (leader Vadim Stepantzov)

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