Reklama na Kulichkah

MITKI Alternative Concerts at Kuznechnyi Lane

  • Chizh, June 30, 1994, by A.Fillipov

  • Loyan Bloom, March 18, 1995, by G.V.

  • Hoodlum Twins, B.Tihomirov, B.Grebenshikov, 23 March-7 April, 1995, by MITKI

  • FLOR, on the stop from Paris, June 9, 1994, by A.Fillipov

  • Andrey (Willi) Usov Photogallery, 27-29 August

  • MITKI for Father Martin, 25 August-9 September 1994

  • Concert of the friends of MITKI, 2 August 1994, by MITKI

  • Lenya Fyodorov and Gruppa ``Auktsion'', 24 September 1994

  • MITKI in Central House of Painters

  • Vlad Uflyand reads at MITKI

  • Dmitry Prigov reads his poetry at MITKI

  • Mashnin, 21 July 1994, by A.Fillipov

  • Bratushka Roman from Tartu, Estonia made a generous contribution that you are welcome to check out: 2 posters by A.Florenskii for MITKI Alternative Concerts at Kuznechnyi Lane. Write him to

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